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Policy Manual

5112 - Entrance Requirements

The School Board shall establish entrance age requirements for students which are consistent with statute and sound educational practice and which ensure the equitable treatment of all eligible children.

Compulsory Attendance

All children who have attained the age of six years or who will have attained the age of six years by February 1st of any school year or who are older than six years of age but who have not attained the age of 16 years, except as otherwise provided in Florida statute, are required to attend school regularly during the entire school term. F.S. 1003.21

Kindergarten Eligibility

Any child who has attained the age of five years on or before September 1st of the school year and is eligible for admission to public kindergarten during that school year. F.S. 1003.21.

First Grade Eligibility

Any child who attained the age of six years on or before September 1st of the school year and who has satisfactorily completed the requirements for kindergarten in a public or non-public school will be admitted in first grade. F.S. 1003.21

Out-of-State Transfers into Kindergarten or First Grade

Students transferring into kindergarten or first grade from an out-of-state school (public or non-public) who do not meet the age requirements for admission to Florida public schools, are eligible to be enrolled in the District if the entrance age requirements were met in the state from which the child is transferring AND the family provides evidence required in the District Student Progression Plan 2.1.4 or 2.2.4.

Initial Entry

. Students must have an immunization record on file at the school. Any student who does not have the proper immunization shall be temporarily excluded from attendance until compliance has been documented.


Verification of Residence

Verification of a parent or legal guardian's residence shall be required at the time the child registers in a District school. Verification of residence may also be required at any other time at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee.

Notification of in Loco Parentis

In cases in which a student is temporarily not residing with the parents or legal guardian for a short period of time, the parent or legal guardian of the student shall designate in writing the adult person with whom the student resides who stands in loco parentis in order for the student to be admitted or continue in school. This statement shall be notarized and presented to the principal.

The Superintendent shall develop and update as needed administrative procedures to implement this policy.

F.S. 1003.01, 1003.21, 1003.22
F.A.C. 6A-1.098, 6A-1.0985

Revised 4/1/14

© Neola 2009

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