All schools and district offices will be closed Monday, November 23rd through Friday, November 27th. Schools and district offices will reopen on Monday, November 30th.

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Hillsborough Schools

Investing in Students

What's next for our schools

Money will begin coming into our district this February, and work in our schools will begin soon afterward. Please bear in mind this is a ten-year referendum, with projects spread over those ten years as we receive the money, so the work can’t all be done overnight.

Our existing maintenance crews will focus on high priority projects. We will start bringing in bids from outside vendors for larger projects such as fire alarm replacements, school repainting, and elevator upgrades and be able to begin the first phase of those in March and April.

We are already doing a lot behind the scenes to get ready for major projects, including air conditioner and roof replacements. The first wave of those projects includes at least 20 air conditioners and millions of dollars in roof repairs. That work will largely take place over the summer, because we must have all our students and staff off campus as outside crews of sometimes more than 100 workers work nonstop through the summer to complete the projects.

Air Conditioning unit on top of a building

How did we get here?

Learn how inadequate state funding has led to our community’s $2 billion challenge.

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Students standing on stage at graduation

What will a half-penny do?

Studies show a half-penny investment would improve student achievement and boost our economy in many ways, including higher property values.

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students walking through a school courtyard

How will the money be spent?

The ten-year referendum is limited to funding specific long-term projects in public schools, with all spending watched by a Citizen Oversight Committee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions answered and hear the facts on common misconceptions about the half-penny sales tax education referendum.

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Research shows investment in new school facilities and quality public schools improves students' academic performance and...

Immediately improves our community by

Raising property values
Making our county more attractive to businesses, creating high quality jobs
Generating more than $1 billion in construction and renovation spending, boosting our local economy
Better preparing our area for hurricanes with new, strong schools as shelters

Saves taxpayer dollars in the long run by

Repairing and upgrading systems, instead of patching aging and inefficient systems
Locating new schools in fast-growing areas, closer to where students live, improving bus transportation efficiency
Preventing school overcrowding, since building new schools reduces wear-and-tear on existing schools

Half-penny sales tax on November 6 ballot

Only for snowflake A/C & Maintenance
Technology Classroom Technology
badge Safety & Security hammer New School Construction

Generates $131 million per year for 10 years for specific, planned projects based on need

Typical family will
pay $63 a year

Based on Hillsborough Co. median household income of $51,681
Portion would be paid by tourists
Not charged on grocery bag Groceries or
medicine bottle Medicine

Oversight Committee

citizen committee breakdown
Seven members review the spending, progress, and completion of all projects funded by the referendum
Six private citizens cannot be affiliated with district & cannot work on projects funded by the referendum

Nominations for the initial independent citizen members of the Citizen Oversight Committee are now closed; the nomination period extended from September 17 through September 28 at 5 p.m. Thank you for your interest in serving our community.

Important information for school district employees: Referendum Education Toolkit

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